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Installing 2X Client for Windows

2X Client System requirements

Installing 2X Client

Before you run the installation procedure please make sure that you are logged on as an administrator and the system requirements are met.

Run the 2X Client setup program by double clicking on the ‘2XClient.msi’ file on the client machine. A welcome dialog will appear. Close other Windows programs and click ‘Next’.
2X Client Setup Program welcome screen.
2. Accept the License Agreement and click ‘Next’.
The End-User License Agreement.
3. Select the location where you want to install the 2X Client and click ‘Next’.
Choosing the location where the 2X Client will be installed
4. To start copying files click ‘Install’.
Starting the installation program.
5. Click ‘Yes’ to install the ‘Single Sign-On’ component. This component will automatically use your credentials to connect to 2X ApplicationServer & LoadBalancer.
Installing Single Sign-On
6. Setup will copy the required files. Click on Finish to view the status screen.
Post-Installation status screen.

Modifying the 2X Client Install

By using the MSI format, administrators can now deploy the 2X Client remotely by using Group Policies or any other deployment tool that accepts the MSI format. Installing the 2X Client on remote computers using the MSI is much easier and will reduce the chance of user error during the installation process.
The MSI can be deployed in many different ways (i.e. Group Policies, SMS, Altiris and even a simple login script).
It is not within the scope of this implementation manual to cover every single option available. Make sure you consult your application manual for more information about deploying MSI packages remotely.
There are two ways to modify the client installation settings:
  1. Modify the original file using Orca.
  2. Install 2X Client with modified options (msiexec.exe / i 2xclient.msi)
Silent Install
Install 2X Client with modified option: msiexec.exe /qn/ I 2xclient.msi
General Settings
DEFSETTINGS: To use when 2X Client installer reads 2xsetting.2xc as default settings.
DEFSETTXML: To use when XML settings are entered manually.
OVERRIDEUSERSETTINGS: To override the user settings with client MSI settings.
DISABLEOPTIONS: To disable the Options button and hide the options to configure the client settings. This option can be applied to users without administrative rights.
DISABLEOPTIONSADMIN: To disable the Options button and hide the options to configure the client settings. This option can be applied to users with administrative rights.
DISABLESAVEPASSWORDADMIN: To disable the clients from saving the password even if they have administrative rights.
DISABLESAVEPASSWORD: To disable the clients from saving the password. This option is ignored with users with administrative rights.
TUXGINA: Exclude/Include SSO during a silent installation
TUXGINASRV: Install SSO on both Client and Server

Using Active Directory

There are two different ways that you can deploy an application through the Active Directory.
You can either publish the application or you can assign the application.
You can only publish applications to users, but you can assign applications to either users or to computers.
The applications are deployed in different ways; depending on which of methods you decide to use.
2X recommends that administrators assign the applications to COMPUTERS. The main reason is that the application is actually installed the next time the computer reboots.
When assigning to users, the application is not installed until the user actually clicks on the icons created for the application.
To assign an application to certain computers simply do the following in Active Directory:
  1. Open the Group Policy Editor.
  2. To assign an application to a computer, navigate through the group policy console to Computer Configuration>Software Settings>Software Installation. Now, right click on the Software Installation container and select New>Package commands from the shortcut menu. Select the appropriate MSI file and click Open. You are now asked whether you want to publish or assign the application. Select assign and click OK.
NOTE: When doing a silent installation, the MSI can be deployed using the following syntax (one single line):
msiexec /qn /i 2XClient.msi
An example to install the 2X Client with options to be able to save password is enabled (DISABLESAVEPASSWORD=0), and installation of the 2X Client without SSO is given by the following syntax:
msiexec /qn /i 2XClient.msi DISABLESAVEPASSWORD=0 TUXGINA=1